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  • The end is nigh

    I'm moving.

    To: Conversational Theology.

    Update your blogrolls, add it to your favourites and come and join in the fun!

  • Preach it, sister!

    Or some more reserved British way of saying that.

    Ann Benton on the importance of women's ministry. I was particularly pleased to see that she mentions the sorry lack of women in the UK willing and able to teach the Bible publicly. Lord willing, there'll be one more of those in a couple of years time.

  • SBL style help

    I'm still not quite sure I understand how this works but a friend of mine has written a programme that will help anyone struggling to format bibliographies and footnotes according to the SBL style. Free download is available here. Thanks, Steffen.

    He assures me it integrates with Nota Bene too!

  • What happened next?

    At the beginning of the year, I set myself a number of goals related to my writing. One of which was to write something I was pleased enough with to link to it on my blog. I think I may have just done that wholly by accident. If you haven't yet finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, look away! This is a short scene that follows immediately from the main action of the book, before the epilogue. It's not something I would ever have chosen to write about but I lost a bet on the identity of one of the horcruxes and this was the payment. I didn't enjoy writing this at all but I'm pleased that I did and I'm pleased with the result. I'd love to know what you think!

    Picking up the Pieces

  • Noni bags

    For ages I've been wanting to make a Noni bag. I adore their bobble bag and all the flower bags. Yesterday I finally went and bought this wool

    in my current favourite colour combination and started knitting that fabulous spider chrysanthemum which will hopefully end up looking like this.

    Happy day!

  • Whoa!

    Sudden upsurge of interest in my blog - yesterday I had almost 1000 hits (my usual average is a couple of hundred). Now I feel obliged to start posting interesting, erudite comments so that everyone is impressed. Watch out for a fascinating entry on the Deissmann-Turner debate regarding the Greek of the NT - it's a thriller! And maybe we'll have to have the Indiana Jones-esque story of the discovery of Codex Sinaiticus. Yes, I'm making some progress with the NT reading course language and textual criticism sections. :) But right now I'm finalising lesson plans for NT 010 Greek a that starts on Monday.

    Maybe this time I'll actually learn the alphabet in the right order. I have a sampler somewhere that has both Greek and Hebrew alphabets, sewn from memory, both with errors in them. Pathetic. But it'll make for some interesting textual criticism in a couple of thousand years time, don't you think?

  • Leave the poor woman alone!

    So, J. K. Rowling has written seven increasingly long novels, plus two short supplements, describing in considerable detail Harry Potter's life, world, history, family and friends. Bizarrely, there are people who are unsatisfied with this, who are even now, less than a week after the publication of a 600-page book, demanding to know what happened next, begging for further explanation of plots and characters, and harassing her to pen a 'Potterpedia' which, in order to satisfy some of these vultures will need to be the size of the Internet.

    The rest of this post contains some spoilers for DH (though nothing that JKR didn't say in her public interviews yesterday)

    => Read more!

  • Music and words

    Thanks to Iulia who left me a link to this site featuring the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins set to music. I've listened to a couple of the samples and I think these may be good, though to my mind Hopkins' poems have a rich enough sound not to need the additional music.

    Last week at church we had a setting of 'Love (III)' by George Herbert, by I think Vaughan Williams, though I haven't got my service sheet to check. It was rather lovely, anyway.

  • The best of biblical theology

    The current sale at WTS Bookstore has incredible bargains on some terrific biblical theology books.

    If you don't yet own the Goldsworthy trilogy (Gospel and Kingdom; Gospel and Wisdom; Gospel and Revelation) then you should. At only $8.44, you have no excuse!

    Chris Wright on Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament is certainly worth more than the $8.80 they're asking too.


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